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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

I've baricadded him in but it may only be a matter of time

Sometimes it's great to have a husband that works at home. Other times, not so awesome. For instance, in the middle of one of his work crises, I asked if he had changed out the catbox. He sighed the sigh of the long suffering and then said, "Not now, Nancy,"  or it's not a good time or something like that. I, never one to just keep my mouth shut replied, "It's never a good time," which is my defense is true because who ever wants to be reminded about cleaning out the catbox. In  his defense, it probably wasn't the best moment. It might have ended there except he went back in his office and closed the door. An act he usually reserves for when the kiddos are home. It was a clear message and as far as I was concerned- a challenge.

Since I didn't have a door to close I took several bins and piled them outside of his door. I have a plethora of things like that because I am horribly unorganized always thinking if I can buy the right organizational tool (bins, shelves, so on) things will be better. So, that was about 30 min ago and he either has not discovered the barricade or is choosing to ignore it.

I'm thinking when I see him again I will say, "Thank goodness you're safe. I just barricaded an ogre upstairs."

If he has regained his sense of humor, than he will think it's funny. If not, I have just heaped the proverbial coals onto the fires of matrimonial discord. It seems like that thought might make me go and move them but it doesn't. Truthfully, I just want to see what happens. If I never post again you will know things went horribly wrong.

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