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Sunday, December 4, 2011

well hello wolverine

Hugh Jackson has a one man show going here in nyc. We did not get in to see that but we did get to see him when he came out the side door. Technically, my sister at 5'9 got to see him and I at 5'2 got to see the top of his grey hat. That was the prelude to seeing a show called seminar about aspiring novelists and their very rough teacher. It had Alan Rickman aka prof snape, Hamish linklater, and jerry O'Connell. It was a sobering look at how bad you have to want it to become successful in this business. Def worth seeing. We had the worst seats ever. High up with this iron railing in front of us. Then we went to a bar called Jo allens and had the tartest most wonderful cosmos. They also prepared this tostado  with fried eggs and chili. Despite how it sounded it was delicious. We sat next to an actor at the bar who is performing alongside Bernadette peters in follies. He was a veteran of the stage and certainly knew the ropes.


  1. You saw a lot of major actors in one day.
    My wife is really short - bet she would've made me pick her up just to see Jackman.

  2. Yeah, I don't know if you would get a lot of sympathy from my wife for being 5'2". Hope you said hey for me when you saw everyone.

  3. That sounds like a ton of fun -- Alan Rickman is great; I've loved him since Prince of Thieves!
    Sorry that it took me so long to stop by, but I was NaNo-ing, then just tired;)