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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Permission to vege

I did very little in terms of productivity today. I signed some papers, made copies of my drivers' liscense for estate stuff then mailed it, paid a bill, picked up kids and went to the grocery store for some essential items. Other than those things which probably took about three hours, reading a novel consumed the rest of my hours. Nothing literary or non-fiction that would improve my mind but Emily Griffin (who is my current favorite-"Something Borrowed" and this one "Something Blue"). I do not actually enjoy reading material that makes me think too hard. That is probably a commentary on my level of intellect but there it is anyway.

Jeff went back to bed this morning after taking the kids to school. Instead of beginning my daily chores with a righteous indignation, I took my book, climbed into the bed and read/dozed until he got up to get a shower before heading upstairs to work. I laid around for about an hour more before dragging myself into the shower as I realized the extra hours in bed had given my sinuses permission to begin to congeal from allergies, so let me add shower to my list of productive things above. Then after that, I made the bed and sat in a chair in my room and read. It occured to me somewhere during that time that I would never be as accepting of Jeff doing the same thing. He sat upstairs working and as far as he knew I still lolled in the bed. Sure, I can justify it with my grief but it wasn't that I was thinking of Mom and Dad, truthfully I just wanted to finish the book.

About an hour after that, I went upstairs and thanked him for being so laid back. I acknowledged that I would probably never be as good at that as he is. I usually want things done when I want them done including his time. I wonder if it is a male-female thing or if in our case it is personalities. Either way, I'd like to think that remembering how much better this day (and the mountain dew I purchased at the grocery store) made me feel will help me remember that taking some time to do nothing every now and then is okay. Maybe I might even be able to extend that gift to my husband as well. It is a worthy goal.

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