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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Two days and counting

We have two days left for people to enter the contest outlined in the post "Drumroll, Please," to win a copy of Jackson and Central-An Anthology. I hope to get a few more entries. I'd really like to see some Halloween ones or Thanksgiving..

I may have to enter it myself since I've realized I no longer have a personal copy of the book. No, don't worry that is against my ethics. But I really would like to re-read so will have to get myself one too. I have had three copies that were mine since it came out. Each time I have lent them out only to never get them back. I don't even remember who has them now. Perhaps, they were all people who thought I ought to have given them a copy in the first place? I think it is always hard when promoting in terms of people you know. Especially, people who aren't familiar with the publishing industry. I wish we got  a whole bunch of free books but the kind with a cover cost money. We got a discount. So I gave copies to immediate family and a few people who were beta readers but mostly I just encouraged people to buy them.

I think it was easier with that book because it was an anthology that I loved. So, even if Joe Schmo hated my stories there were some in there that I knew he would like. I wonder how that will work if I ever do get a novel published. So far, all my published work has been joined together with other writers so a sale for them was a sale for me. It was easier to market when I didn't feel so much like it was completely on the worth of my work. Knowing how I can not read a story of mine without wanting to make a few changes, EVERY TIME, will I ever get to a point where I think it is great enough to really push it to the people?

I know publishing has changed. The author is responsible for so much marketing now. I have a hard time even asking people to sign up as followers for my blog. Does that ever change or do you just push through?


  1. You'll hit that point! And you just have to let that first novel go on faith.

  2. I'll be honest, the marketing side of it all really does scare me!

  3. It never changes. You're either one of those born salespersons that is constantly selling him/herself or you're the person that has to fight him/herself every time you need to think about marketing.

  4. Thanks for the encouragement Alex. Sarah and Andrew, someone told me the other day that I ought to take a marketing class. They talked about an author who pointed to the cover of his book and asked, "What does it say there?" When met with silence he replied, "It says best-selling not best-writing." So I guess if I ever want that on one of my books, first I must sell it and sell it well.

  5. Sounds like you're more on your game than I am. I pretty much feel like a heel every time I even think about asking folks for anything. I recall when I thought if I made a few sarcastic comments on my blog then I'd gain a giant following... sigh.

  6. Rusty, you're not doing too shabby, just saying.