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Friday, January 6, 2012


In this case, I refer to the movie not to myself. Finally, coralled my honey into watching it and as expected, loved it. Taking jiu jitsu really changes how you watch an MMA fight, even staged ones like in the movie. Instead of noticing the damage done, I now see the positional advantages and probably sounded very annoying to my husband as I called out the names of various techniques. One of the guys at the Academy called it kinetic chess. I guess it would definately be battle chess but the components of using strategy to defeat the opponent are the same. But I have barely started studying that. I never did like that "I am the Warrior" song in the '80's but apparently not liking a song does not keep it from running laps around your head when a movie has a similar title.

On the personal warrior front, the karate black belt test dreams continue to come. Last night, I dreamt that it was my test and for some reason I was wearing all of my mother's jewelry. I was so angry with myself because one, I didn't want to break her things (she died this year) and two because I knew better than to wear things that could get me choked. I guess boiled down, it was the classic unprepared nightmare.

I think one of the downsides to being a therapist (especially one not currently practicing) is always wanting to analyze myself. Sometimes I'd like to wake up from a dream and say, "Wow, that was weird," and then move on. Of course, in my dojo this is one of the ways they mess with your mind. Because I will never know when my test is going to be so I have to assume anytime I go to the dojo that could be the day. But not today so I am off to bed, hopefully to a dreamless sleep. Tomorrow, I may fight against my laziness and actually get some writing done.


  1. I actually liked that song, but I can see how someone wouldn't. And I usually think 'weird' when I wake up from a dream. Or 'boring.' Not sure which is worse.

  2. In fencing, they call the bouts physical chess.

    I kind of like that they don't tell you when your test is going to be, but that would totally bring out my crazy dream department (and mine is fully staffed by my crazy subconscious).

  3. Alex, A lot of songs that I didn't really like when they came out have the nostalgia factor going for them now. I think boring is always worse than weird.

    Rena, do you fence? I took Kendo but never fencing.

  4. I refuse to believe anyone could not like that song - I'm pretty sure someone involved in the production of the video was on crack though.

  5. It would put me on edge not knowing when my test is. I'd be dreaming about it, too.
    The other night I dreamed about organizing a really dirty attic. I loved it. How weird am I? Psychoanalyze that! : )