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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Summer must not be a great blogging time for me

So here's my check-in. Jeff turned 45 on June 7th, and two of my nephews had birthdays as well. I attempted a German Chocolate cake for Jeff that tasted all right but did not look pretty. The kids are enjoying musical theatre camp although Kelsey was very sad to not get a speaking part. Christopher has a small speaking part but I explained to her that boys always get more parts then girls because there are less of them.

Last night at softball, I got conked in the back of the head while running to third and managed to pull a groin muscle. I think I may be getting old without the fun of a birthday party. Then today we are trying to paint Jeff's new office but finding ourselves quite frustrated. In fact, Jeff is in there painting while I'm writing this so I'm typing fast because he may justifiably get pissed if he sees me sitting out here typing. That's all for now.

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