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Sunday, November 6, 2011

And the contest winner is...

Jeff Snell of Knoxville, Tn will be getting a new book in the mail for his winning entry in my flash fiction contest. As you may recall the only rule was that the words Jackson and Central had to be included, not necessarily together. Without further ado, here is the contest winner flash fiction story.

 He had been outsmarted again by Jackson.  Jackson was a ten pound orange tabby cat with a black spot on his right ear.  They had been playing a game of chess earlier that quickly devolved into a fencing match.  The fencing did not go well and he stared through a locked glass door at a smiling Jackson.  The fencing sword wound was deep and he bled on the front porch as he slowly faded into sleep.

He awoke in darkness.  Floating above him was a visage of Jackson. 
     "To gain entrance into your home you must bring me a hairless mouse.  A mouse that has been raised on cat nip and sweet creme."

He knew that he would never see the inside of his home again.  He crawled off the porch and down Central Ave.  The lights in the store fronts danced and dissolved in his brain as the injury throbbed. 
There was one and only one solution.  A feline assassin. 

Cat assassins were hard to find and expensive.   Most of them were imposters or mentally ill.  Luckily, he had needed to dispose of a kitten in the past.  His kitten Spam had stolen his wife and had a brood of tiny furry babies with her. 

He pulled out his cell phone and made the call before passing out.  It was in Gods hands now.



  1. Darn it, I forgot to enter. Still, I console myself with the thought that I wouldn't have been able to come up with something as original and funny as this.

    Congratulations Jeff!

  2. It is some good stuff but I still would have loved to read yours Sarah.

  3. That was so fun! Gave my morning a good start :) Totally deserving of a book. Having just seen Puss in Boots yesterday with the kids, the thought of a cat assassin is particularly amusing.

  4. Glad you had a winner. Terrific!

  5. Glad it started off your day well Christine and beware the cat assassins. I agree Rusty.