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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

I'm Back

Whew, just under the wire, I got my 50,000 words done tonight so I can get back to real life. I had hoped to be able to identify some kind of doable routine but that didn't happen. Can't wait to see what you all have been up to. This has been my month in short:

write-started strong the first week, fell off greatly after that

kids-actually heard about nanowrimo so much they started asking how many words I had done

school-for some reason my volunteer positions seemed to expect me still to show up, hmmm

karate (should be testing for black belt soon)

jiu jitsu (got to start rolling so have mat burns on my elbow and top of foot but it was a blast)

more writing

trip to Knoxville to go wedding dress shopping with a friend. She and her husband-to-be are both in their 50's and this is a first wedding for them both. Love it. They will marry on New Year's Eve. This task relieved me because I was afraid I had entered the funeral phase of my life. You know there are the phases of life in social events-graduations, engagement parties, weddings, baby showers, and then the funerals start. I guess there are retirement parties but I haven't gotten there yet.

auditioned for a movie-didn't get cast but it was fun

Thanksgiving- I got up that morning and was cooking slamming things around in the kitchen. My husband came into the kitchen and I said, "I am in such a bad mood. I just want to snap someone's head off." Instead of running off screaming while protecting his neck, he reminded me that this was the first Thanksgiving without my mom or dad which sent me bawling but did remove the risk of someone's head being removed.

really got to writing and finally hit that 50,000+. Hats off to all of you who also did your writing time this month and probably managed your blog much better. Now, off to try to catch up on what I missed.


  1. Nancy, congratulations on hitting the NaNo target!!

  2. What kind of movie doesn't want to cast an almost-black belt writer who can cook? No movie I want to see.

    Your month sounds inspiring, which rhymes with tiring. It wore me out just READING this. Nice job.

  3. Thanks Alex, now to try to actually finish the novel. Briane-I know, right :) Maybe I should have tried a few moves on them? Nah, moving on.

  4. Sorry I'm late commenting, just wanted to say huge congratulations for finishing NaNo, especially with everything else you're up to :-)