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Sunday, January 30, 2011

A Day of Rest

We took the family to Mom's church again today. While I can't quite climb on board with some of the Baptist beliefs, it looks like we may make this our church home. Even though Mom hasn't said it, I know one thing she wants to see is her church growing before she dies. She was part of a huge church split many years ago. It is only in the last year, she and Dad rejoined. That is something I can help do, at least we can increase it by four. After all, Jeff and I got married there and many of the members have known me since I was five. Plus, they have a new, young pastor so we will see. We certainly got spiritually refueled today.

Mom needed me to drive her, Dad, and the two elderly women she drives to church, home today. Mom drove there but then said she felt too dizzy. I'm thinking it's fortunate she didn't get pulled over on the way to church. That's all we need is for Mom to get a DWI because of her pain meds. Jeff was in such a good mood today. It was nice to sit in church, holding hands, and then take communion together. Although, Jeff wanted to know what I was hiding since I got choked on the communion grape juice.

We came home and began cleaning out more of Mom and Dad's stuff upstairs, old receipts, bank statements, an old will of Mom's. Then I came across a calender from 2006. It was Dad's from only five years ago. In the month of January, the calender was full of tennis, Gideon meetings, church functions all in his distinctive slashing writing. Then as the months moved forward, the writing became messier, more disjointed, the appointments became fewer. It was like a timeline of the progresion of his illness. I told one of my friends about it and she asked if I kept it. Not only did I throw it away, I tossed it like the paper was acid. While I can recognize the value of hisotry, I don't want to remember that slow progression into the blankness that he now exists in most of the time. Maybe someday later, I'll be sorry I didn't keep it but not today.  Tomorrow, we go to decorate his new room. I hope he likes it.

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