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Friday, January 28, 2011

Not much new in this blogosphere

Mom continued to feel woozy today but did say her stomach pain was considerably less. I thought we were going to Cleveland today (mom loves Scott's furniture because she thinks they have good prices) to get Dad furniture for his room. I called Mom around 9:30 but she wasn't home. She'd had Dad's caregiver take her instead of me. Turns out when I talked to my sisters, each of them had thought mom wanted them to take her so maybe we were all on stand-by. More likely she forgot. I have noticed things slipping her mind more frequently. It may be the pain meds or it may be how much is going on in her life. She gets very irritated if I suggest she has forgotten something though so I just try not to mention it. The social worker from Hospice came today and I wonder if Mom will remember what they talked about. That is the reason I like to be there for the appointments so I can get the full story.

Mom did report that Dad is no longer walking crooked so we don't know what that was about. I have been looking about this house for things for Dad's room. I think I have a pretty good selection in mind. His hunting pictures, military awards, framed diploma. They did suggest that we not bring his sword. That would be a administrative nightmare to have a bunch of Alzheimer's patients dueling it out with swords. I figured we could put in some pictures of their wedding, maybe his family and we got a picture of almost the whole family a couple of summers ago. Tomorrow, we are moving stuff into Dad's new place. We aren't moving Dad in yet so I don't know what kind of feelings putting his stuff in will bring in Mom or the rest of us.  For now, I have to get to bed. Both the kids have basketball games tomorrow and one of Kelsey's besties is coming from Knoxville to spend the night. That is always simultaneously wonderful and sad. She and Christopher miss their friends there so much. But being here makes me realize how much I needed to come. I can't imagine trying to manage all this from Knoxville. If I have a day with nothing to say, I'll add the story of how God moved us here. Seriously, there had to be some divine intervention. So goodnight all and I'll type at you tomorrow.

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