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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Moving forward

Diabetes sounded great when it was placed next to the possibility of a brain tumor. After the tumor risk was gone, then the diabetes stopped seeming like such a good option. So I was quite relieved when Jeff's doctor called to say he did not have it. Next stop, eye doctor.

Hospice came today to meet with Mom. She seemed pretty excited when she discovered that she never has to go to another doctor's appointment. They come to her, as does a nurse, and a social worker. Her medications are also delivered to her door. Although, she said the new one they put her on is making her woozy. Hopefully, we won't have an issue with Dad sneaking out tonight. That seems like such an odd sentence to write about my father. Mom said she didn't think anyone needed to stay there to watch Dad for her. Here's to hoping she is right. Feb 1st is fast approaching when he will move into the lantern and we won't have to worry about stuff like that anymore. There is this teeny place in my mind that fantasizes that if Mom isn't having to do constant care she will get better. I realize that teeny place is in the state called Denial but sometimes I like to visit there. I'm not so sure it wouldn't be a nice place to live.

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