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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Remember those other kicks in the pants-here's one

Jeff, my husband, had a brain tumor 14 years ago. He fought through it and managed to be one of the lucky ones. He has some side effects from the surgery and radiation but overall does well. Until last week, right before the big snow, when he tells me he has double vision in one of his eyes. Double vision happened to be his primary symptom 14 years ago. So now, we wait until the MRI can be scheduled to find out whether "sluggo" as he named his tumor is back. If so, we have a long hard fight ahead, coupled with Mom's cancer, tripled by Dad's Alzheimer's. I asked a friend of mine,
"Do you think God still loves me?"
She answered. "Yes, but I think Satan may have his eye on  you too."
I'm trying to stay positive and not think the worst but I find myself watching Jeff holding my daughter on his lap or tickling our son to the floor and thinking how they'd never get over missing him. Then he looks across at me and smiles and I know I never would either. Here's hoping we don't have to.

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