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Thursday, January 20, 2011

We now return to our regularly scheduled program, already in process

I always hated when TV stations took time away from one of my programs to show me what they felt I wanted to see. They were usually wrong because I didn't give one flip about the President's speeches. Isn't that what life is like though? No matter what event you are focused on, the rest of life continues around you. Two things happened this week while I was focused on another.

My oldest sister took Mom to a healing service at a local church last night while Jeff and I were traveling to Knoxville. Mom said they anointed her head with oil and two women prayed over her. She realized through the process that she had never asked God to heal her. She said she felt that might be presumptive. I told her I thought her healing would be a great testament to God (can I get an Amen). I know my faith has been shaken by seeing her and Daddy struggling, knowing they have dedicated their whole lives to spreading the Word and serving God. Mom says God doesn't keep us from troubles but it seems to me that occasionally he would look down and say, "Now, that just isn't right," and fix it. Maybe he will. Mom did finally pray for that healing. If she gets it, maybe we can take Dad there too.

The other missed event was that while Jeff and I were in Knoxville getting his MRI, Mom and my two sisters went to measure the room that Daddy will be moving into at the beginning of February. Not that they needed my input (in fact I'm probably the worst decorator of the three) but it would have been nice if I could have been there to share the burden.

The MRI process itself went well, the beginning not so much. First, I didn't sleep most of the night after having a horrible nightmare in which Jeff buried himself in the ground and Kelsey followed suit and I couldn't find either of them. No problem figuring out the symbolism on that one, huh? Anyhow, we had a hard time finding where we needed to be for the MRI and then once we thought we were there, the office itself sat empty and darkened. This did all get straightened out and, as a bonus, I was able to pound out most of a draft for an article I'm writing while I waited.

The doctor didn't call today which may be a good sign since the experience I have indicates that if it is bad news, the doctor always calls right away. Jeff says he figures if we can get through tomorrow without an urgent phone call, we are probably in the clear. Here's to hoping he is right or that we get a call saying, "We may not know what the problem is but we're sure it's not a brain tumor."

Tomorrow, Jeff and I are driving my Mom and Dad three hours away to meet with Daddy's siblings. I'm planning to take the video camera. This could be a good time to get some footage that may never be available again. Make no mistake about it though, Jeff will be bringing his phone.

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