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Monday, January 24, 2011

Sweet relief

Jeff does not have a brain tumor. Woo Hoo! They called him at about 3:00 today and told him the scan is completely clear. Not that we can celebrate together since he is working in Knoxville, which turns out to be not so bad since he is going tomorrow morning to get checked for diabetes. If the diabetes test is clear, he will have his eyes checked. God has given me incredible strength through all this. At the end of last week, I thought I had run out and maybe I had, but if so God lent me some of his. Today, I knew whatever the news I could handle it. I am more than happy to handle this news. I need the energy for my parents. Hospice is coming on Wed to interview Mom. My sister said that patients who use hospice live an average of three months longer. However, whenever it is, I'm not ready to lose my Mom.

I talked to a man the other day who had a mother with Alzheimer's and a father with cancer. Oddly, some part of me felt offended. How dare someone else (besides my sisters) have it as bad as me? Not that I said that, of course, but it surprised me that the thought was even there. I guess I thought I had the market cornered on rough things until life knocked and reminded me that I'm not all that. Don't get me wrong. I still think things are tough and would love to see my parents healed but if it doesn't happen, there are still a lot worse cases out there. How blessed I am was brought home to me again today.

Somehow, I had misplaced the gas bill in December. I didn't even realize I hadn't paid it. Today, I got a notice that said they were going to disconnect if they did not get paid. This may be the first disconnect notice I have ever seen that was not one of my patient's. I was able to call and pay the bill by phone with much apologies and no repercussions. I bet there is someone out there who got the same type notice with no idea how he or she is  going to pay it. I can't imagine the anxiety related to facing winter without heat. So in my warm house tonight, I thank God for a husband that is brain tumor free, is willing to work hard, and who will come home to me. I also am grateful for these months I have with my mother,  no matter how few they may be. She loves us all so and does whatever she can to show it. My children humble me with their faith and love through all they are facing. I want to have their assurance that things will always come out right. God has also allowed me to be surrounded by such a spirit filled group of friends to lift me up in prayer and give me support whenever I need it. Thank you to all.


  1. Praise the Lord that Jeff is tumor free!!

    I have lived my short Christian life trying to find the good and offering prayers of thanksgiving for those little rays of light in the extremely dark times, like our family faces now. I'm not ready to lose your mother either.

  2. Up through my mid 20's, I didn't think folks were serious about collecting on a bill until I got a disconnect notice... or until I WAS disconnected. It's all relative I suppose.

    It's a huge relief about Jeff. Now you can get back to being with your parents.