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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Gotta love my man

You may recall my relief that my mother's voice, that I could not remember how it sounded, came from the on-star recording in her car. This morning my husband reclaimed his hero status by making three calls to on-star so I could keep my mother's voice on the car. It is not their policy to do so. The first person he talked to said no, the second said, yes but he'd have to talk to someone else. The third person said it was highly irregular but when Jeff told them I'd lost my father too, he said he would make it happen. In my gratitude, I broke out sobbing but felt so loved. So now I have to keep that car for the rest of my life.

It seems my day of rest yesterday did me good. I didn't feel so tired this morning and I slept fine last night so I must have needed it. I am sad to say that I will no longer be doing boot camp because I couldn't get the instructor to respond to an email so starting tomorrow I am going to join a gym. I hope I will be as consistent with it as I have been with the other. I like feeling like I am in good shape. Not that I am eating right.

Tonight, I endeavored to make my mother's sour dough bread with her starter. Last week, Kelsey cried because she would never have Nana's bread again. Her recipe says you can add sugar or salt but I don't know if she did either. So I made three batches tonight. One has salt in it, the other has sugar in it, and the third, neither. I felt a bit like I was back in middle school doing a science experiment as I labeled each batch of dough. According to the directions, the dough will bake overnight and then I will have to knead and roll it out tomorrow. The majoirty of these concepts are foreign to me so I hope I can carry it out.

Someone at church asked about Mom's bread because they said the pastor wants to start giving bread to everyone who visits the church. I tried to figure out an angle today on how to get it called the Sandra Graves ministry. Mom would have certainly demurred at such a suggestion but it would fit her since she nurtured so many. I'm off to bed soon. Hopefully, to either have no or good dreams.

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