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Monday, March 21, 2011

Preachin to the Preacher

Today, I met with the Pastor of Ooltewah Baptist Church (OBC) to find out if my views could be accepted at a Baptist church. By my views, I mean the idea that some of the Bible was contextual including many of the parts about a woman's role. He did not share my view but instead shared why he held his. There wasn't a lot new but he certainly is convinced and I believe thinks if I stay at this God thing long enough I'll come around to his way of thinking. I don't mean the pastor's way, he seems like a pretty humble guy but he truly believes his beliefs are God's way. He answered very nicely by turning my question around to-Would I be comfortable joining the church knowing what his beliefs are on this subject? All In all, I think we came to the conclusion that we could disagree on this point and still serve God in the same church. I could argue my point much more strenuously than I did but I didn't see much point. Not because he is a closed-minded guy, in fact I like him. More because I feel like God wants me in this church and I can do things for Him here. Although, I have to admit the idea of becoming Baptist again makes me swallow hard and pray even harder. Really God?

We leave tomorrow for the waterpark. This would come after I have stopped working out and have begun eating as if it were an Olympic sport or as my nephew would say like a "fat kid trapped in a candy store." Not entirely pc but pretty funny. The days of spring break are already slipping away. Yikes. As I said last night, there will be no blog the next couple of evenings. I think I have decided to do 365 and then end it. Thus, I will have my year to grieve.

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