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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

space-the final frontier

I just finished constructing space helmets out of a buckets, a stocking caps, and a ton of duct tape. McGiever I am not since I don't recommend them for actual space travel but I do believe they will work for the upcoming drama debut. I would like to be able to just stay home and do nothing a lot of the time but as the schedule of the class would have it, no can do. If Mom were alive, she'd be over here helping me. I can't name the number of school projects that she sat up typing or helping me construct through the years. I never appreciated that enough. Dad would have been blissfully sleeping since about 10:00 but would be a good for a "Well, hey, look at that," the next morning. If I happened to be up by the time he left for work which was rare. No one could ever accuse Dad of being a slacker.

My brother-in-law says my Dad was never afraid of anything. He told this hilarious story about he and Dad going to Dew's Pond and something being stuck at the dam. John said that Dad just stuck his hand right down under the murky water and began pulling-no fear, no hesitation. But then he looked to John and said, "My arm's not long enough." My brother-in-law didn't say so but I would venture to guess it was one of the few times when he lamented his long limbs. He did say all he could think was how many snakes were down there and if he were going to pull up a snapping turtle hanging from his finger. But he also said with Dad looking on there was no way he could say no. I can relate to that. I am sure at some point in my life I looked at my father and said no but I can't imagine where the courage could have come from. Tomorrow, I am going to meet one of my sisters at Dew's Pond to try to begin some maintenance that has been long neglected. Talk about courage, this is a project that has been too long neglected.

This will be the first time going to Mom's home without giving her a call to let her know how everything is doing. Not to mention, everything reminds me of her. From the picnic table outside where we used to have watermelon cutting parties when my grandparents were alive to the tree that still has the chain grown into it from Mom's swing when she was a little girl. Then I come home and go get my taxes done, pick the children up from school, and work on the stick house for "The Three Little Pigs" production. Anybody remember this tagline? PIGS IN SPACE....... Now the productions are supposed to be different so as long as I can keep them straight our aliens will stay on Mars and our pigs in an undisclosed farming area not too far from here. Everyone keep your fingers crossed that my sister and I can pull this off.

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