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Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Tonight, my father passed away. He was resting peacefully, or so I was told. Even though I spent days and hours in his room, crying to him, telling him all the things I loved about him, praying for him, he died in a two hour period in which I was gone. One of his sisters was still by his side. She called and told us. We also found out tonight that my nephew and his wife are expecting a baby, so sad and happy are all meshed together. A lot of me is numb but the part that isn't keeps producing tears even after I think I must have already emptied the available tear reservoir. It seems the ducts must be calling in reinforcements. I know God can use all things for good and I'm making myself available for that but right now I am really tired.

There were a lot of things about my dad that made me roll my eyes in his life and I miss them all now, well maybe not the look when I got in trouble, that was scary, but all that other stuff. Even his predilection for wearing stripes and plaid together with black socks. He also used to do this thing when I was watching cartoons or movies where he would root for the bad guy just to make me pitch a fit. I guess he pulled a fast one on me in the end by going when I wasn't looking. I love you Dad and I'm going to miss you.

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