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Sunday, March 20, 2011

No lazy Sunday

I found out this morning at church that one of the elders in the church, a constant supporter through Mom's illness has lymphoma. He has been given three months. I feel so helpless for his family. Everyone is coming together to support him which is why I am glad we are at this church but it is hard. I found myself unable to continue singing the hymn because tears got caught in my throat. Sometimes it seems like getting away might be the answer.

The problem with vacation is getting ready for it. Today, we went t the mall to get the kids sandals. While there, I discovered both of my children were wearing shoes that were too small. So in addition to the sandals we got tennis shoes too. Then we had to get new swimsuits. The mall seduced my wallet and then left me feeling empty. Then I realized I got nothing. I only purchased for the kids. Not that I would have wanted to go through the bathing suit trauma just yet but I am going to a waterpark in two days so it might be worth looking at. I probably should have gone to a spa instead. I could use a pedicure, and a massage, and a good workout or maybe just a whole new diet. Felling pretty unfocused here. How am I supposed to get life done?

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