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Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Jeff is playing some video game that is really booming loud and it is making it difficult for me to think. So if this blog does less than delight you, blame it on him. I'm rather irritable regardless so perhaps encouraging any sort of blame game is a mistake. I am glad my internet is up since a few nights ago lightning came through the fiber line and took out my $900 printer, our router, and the tv control box. Jeff has been trying to get it all working ever since and it has not been pretty. Although, to his credit, I have only heard him cursing a few times over it all. It's possible I may be moving back to the anger stage simply because everything annoyed me today. Simple things that would normally not even cause a ripple felt like tidal waves. Still, I managed not to flail the skin off anyone or even swipe at them with my nails or my car. Including the guy at the salon where we were getting Kelsey's hair done. It wasn't his fault but he was using sandpaper on the wall the entire time we were there. The scrape, scrape, scrape almost made me insane. Not quite as bad as nails on a chalkboard but close.

It was a day when nothing seemed to go quite right. I could give you a long list here but I am too tired to do so. That being said, one of the things that didn't go right was me being in bed by 9:30 so since it is 11:00, I am ending this brief gripe session. Oh yeah, I'm trying to end with stupid things I'm grateful for so let me see-I'm grateful my children are safe under my roof and sleeping, I'm grateful for the asiago bagel breakfast sandwich at Panera, and I'm grateful for the chili I ate tonight with fritos and cheese. Hoping I won't be regretting that last one later :) Huh, not so stupid things after all. That little exercise really did improve my mood a smidge. My shoulders still feel like someone ratcheted the tendons but that is something that probably needs to be taken out on gym equipment or in an exercise class. Here's hoping I can get to one soon.

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