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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Love Eternal

Funeral Arrangements for my father are settled. Family visitation is from 4-8 at Heritage Funeral Home on Thursday night. Friday morning from 10-11 the family will receive at Ooltewah Baptist Church followed by Dad's funeral at 11:00 a.m. The military burial will be at the National Cemetery at 12:30. Below are his words he wrote to my mother so many years ago on their fourth anniversary. They are together now. 
July 18
“ My precious love,
This day, 4 years ago, was the luckiest day and the most meaningful in my life, not to mention the beginning of the happiest days of my life.  I would do it all over again without a moments hesitation and would give quite a lot to have the opportunity right now – but since that opportunity is not open – I re-pledge every word of the ceremony with a deeper conviction and meaning that comes with 4 years of living with the one you love so tenderly, sincerely, passionately, and completely. 
Although there have been several months when we were not physically together, there has never been a moment when you were not more than a fraction of an inch away from my fingertips and I have reached for you many times.  Even with the separation of half the world, you are still my inspiration for achievement of greater things, my example for the pure and meaningful life, and my companion which gives meaning and joy to life.
I know not what God has in store for me in the future but I do know that whatever it is I want you to be there with me and if you are with me then I have been blessed so much that anything else will not matter.
 I am really looking forward to talking to you in the morning if the weather and other circumstances permit.  Till then, my love travels across the waves in a great rush.  Hope you can handle it.
                                                Your Husband,
                                                & proud of it”


  1. Thanks for sharing this. What an amazing love. Now they are rejoined and with our Lord in Heaven. May God give you peace and comfort to weather this storm.

  2. AWESOMENESS... the most amazing letter I have ever read. What a lucky woman and even luckier man. Their lives were beautiful, their children are beautiful, their love was beautiful. Heaven is now a better place because they are there. - Kelly D.

  3. This is a beautiful letter, Nancy. I hope it brings you comfort - at least a little - to think about them reunited and restored to health and fullness. I'm thinking of you and praying for your strength and comfort during the coming days and weeks.