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Thursday, March 24, 2011

No routine brings chaos

Yikes, I came home tonight and was about to go to bed when I realized I had not posted a blog. A couple of nights not typing and the routine is shot. I'll have to get back in the groove quickly. I'm very tired from my "vacation" at the Wilderness resort in the smokies. Not that I expected a waterpark to be an oasis of relaxation but I did think I would rest some. There was a nice hot tub there but alas my time in it was brief. I was a little disappointed in the number of slides but I think when the outdoor portion opens that will change. I didn't think there had been much of a difference in my internal state but then when I got home and went through my mail I realized the grief had weighed less while gone. One of the first things in my mail were magazines for my parents. A tennis magazine for my mom and a Birds in Bloom one for my dad. Something about those two magazines that they will never read again had me almost in tears and that was before I got to the Gideon envelopes. I didn't even open those tonight. Overall, it is good to be home but responsibility does lie heavy. Tomorrow, my sister and I need to get it together for our play next week. Yikes, we have a brick house and some space costumes to finish. Send positive energy my way.

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