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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Spring Break

We slept in until almost 11 today. Well, with the exception of haivng to get up at nine to apease the cat meowing in my face. I can't remember the last time I laid around for that long. Some regret later at all I could have accomplished and didn't but I'm trying to be greatful instead. Later, I cleaned out a couple of drawers in preparation for meeting with the lawyer to discuss money issues. I figure I need to find all financial papers so we don't miss anything. Unfortuneately, I have about nine more very packed drawers to finish. This doesn't count the stuff that falls behind that I have to pull out drawers to reach.

 The kids got to do a spend the night in Knoxville to begin their Spring Break. I think they were less than glad to see me return today. We only have on big thing planned for spring break, the Wilderness in the Smokies indoor waterpark, but the kids are asking everyday how long it will be before we go. Jeff can't go because he can't get off work but one of my sisters and her two kids are coming so I think we will still have a good time. So there will be no blog on Tuesday or Wednesday night. Just to let you know since the only night I have missed since I started was the night we all spent in the hospital before Mom died.

Had a couple of difficult moments today. When cleaning out, refound a picture of Mom laughing on the trampoline with Christopher when he was less than a year old. It occured to me that it would be such a good think if I started a scrapbook for each of them with pictures of them and my parents. It is a great idea, I don't know that I will ever pull it off. Certainly, not now when I can't look at the pictures for more than a minute or so without crying.

Then, I passed on Mom's wigs today to a neighbor. I know they weren't part of her but it was still hard to give them away. I could easily picture her in one of them. She didn't like it as well as the one we buried her in but she thought it looked more like her normal hair. Before she died, her hair had begun to grow out again. She never wanted anyone to see her without her wig. Mom was so proud even to the end. It was a well earned and well worn pride. I've never known her equal in grace or strength of character. I was thinking today about all the people who overcome horrible childhoods to become something normal or even great. With all the advantages I had, including my parents, it seems like I should be approaching something so much more than I am. I want to be more and do more. I'm just not sure where to start.

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