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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A Good Tired

Tonight, I drove to Knoxville to finally celebrate my December birthday with my girls' night out crew. The evening was wonderful, the food fattening, and even though we were at a brewery, I skipped the beer since I was driving back. I miss these ladies so. It isn't often you find a group of women willing to commit to meeting once a week because of all the other responsibilities we carry in our lives. It is our own little open therapy group. Seriously, it is, since five out of seven of us are therapists. I probably took a bit more than my turn but it will all even out in the end. On the way home, (around 10), I tried to call Mom and her phone gave a busy signal.  Since she has repeatedly told me I am the only one that calls that late since I know she is a night owl, I wondered who she could be talking to. Twenty minutes later the phone continued to give the busy signal. I began imagining Mom  lying on the floor, trying to call someone for help and passing out. So after that I called every five minutes until she finally answered the phone. She was fine and had been talking to one of her friends who is on central time.

It seems that in everything now there lies a potential for crisis. I have to remember that sometimes, people are just talking on the phone. Daddy seemed to do well his first night and day at the new place although Mom is convinced they did not shower him last night. So she stayed tonight until they began the shower. I love her determination to make sure he is taken care of no matter how bad she feels. She said they kept the $1,000 deposit and did not apply it to his monthly rent. They said it went to cleaning his room. I'm wondering how much cleaning they do to a room for it to be that much? Mom did say when she showed up to take him to prayer meeting he said he'd been worried about where she was all day. I'm not sure how we are going to deal with that when she passes. Also, I can say with certainty I prayed for all of you tonight on my way to Knoxville. It was some nice quiet time with the Big Guy. I hope you feel uplifted and loved. I know I do but three hours in the car for one night is a long time so I'm headed to bed.

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