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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Whew, long day

Here it is, 11:50 and I am home and ready to go to bed. Church time is going to feel very early tomorrow. I could have left the hospital earlier, Mom and I were watching a Hallmark original movie and it was clear how it would end, but I enjoyed the time with her. Not sure how much more we will have so I want to hang on to what I can get. She did say tonight that it was hard to believe how bad she had felt two days ago since she felt good tonight. The plan is for her to be discharged tomorrow. If only, Dad could be feeling that much better too.

He was discharged today but they did not have a bed at the geropsych unit so we had to take him back to the Lantern with 24hr caregivers. They didn't start until 5:30 so my oldest sister and aunt did most of the day and then I kicked in about an hour and a half at the end. That was one of the more exhausting hours I've had in a long time. Dad believed he needed to go somewhere to do something with the military and insisted he had to go. I gave him every excuse I could think of which would work for about five min. and then he would be saying he needed to go again. At one point, he switched and said his mom and dad were supposed to come get him. I assured him they would be there later. When the caregiver got there so I could go sit with Mom I was relieved and glad to go. A fact that hasn't ceased to bring some guilt with it. I really hope the medication will help with his agitation. My shoulders felt stiff after being with him that short amount of time. I can only imagine how anxious he felt thinking he needed to get to work but not being able to leave. I hope they can get him a bed soon and that this medication thing will help.

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