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Sunday, February 13, 2011

the gospel of Hope

Mom came home from the hospital today. She looks good and says she feels better than she has for a long time. She still felt tired though. I wonder if she will ever get her energy back enough to play tennis. I would love to see her serving that ball down the middle again. Some of my first memories of Mom were on the tennis court. I always felt so bored making up games with tennis balls on the empty court next to wherever she was playing. Now, I can't imagine anything I would enjoy more than seeing her face turn red in the heat as she ran from one side of the court to the other. Tennis is certainly one of her earthly loves.

Another is my dad, who has been struggling in the past few days. Today, we got some hope that maybe Dad will be allright at some point. The Lantern called me and said a gospel group came in and that Dad sang all the songs and then visited with several of the residents after. She said he was laughing and joking. I hope this means that he will, at some point, adjust to life there and have some moments of happiness as his life may yet be long. If we can just get his sleep taken care of, he is still walking around all night.

Tomorrow is Valentine's Day. I hope this holiday isn't too hard on mom. Not that dad was ever a romantic but he did remember it with her every year. I don't know if it is better to make a big deal about it or let it lie low. I got to decocrate my kitchen table tonight so the kids can wake up to a Valentine Day full of hope and promise. I hope I can join them there. Jeff brought me beautiful roses and candy tonight so it is looking good so far.

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