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Friday, February 11, 2011

with a little help from my friends

Tried to go to Christopher's valentine party at school this morning (nine to eleven). Cindy planned to take Mom to the doctor and Sharon subbed at Chattanooga Christian. I also hoped to go to Kelsey's sockhop in the afternoon. She looked adorable in her poodle skirt (thank you for making it Marcy). Here is where the alas comes in. Alas, it was not to be. Cindy called me in the middle of the party saying she was taking Mom to Memorial to be admitted. She vomited through the night and her friend did not call me. So they didn't call hospice until 5:30 this morning so she was sick all night. The phenerghan didn't stop the throwing up. When she spoke with her doctor he sent her to the emergency room. Just after I talked to Cindy, Dad's doctor called from Erlanger. He had problems again in the night so they sedated him. Which meant the people from the psych unit showed up but were unable to assess him due to his sedation. A wonderful friend offered to take the kids home with her from school which left me free to go the hospital with Mom.

I went to pack a suitcase for mom but stopped by the lantern first.  They are holding Dad's room and said they would do whatever they could to facilitate the process. I got mom's stuff and spent the rest of the afternoon at the hospital. They have been unable to discover what is causing the problem. Another wonderful friend picked the kids up from the first house so hopefully, people aren't getting tired of helping. I am tired of needing help. I've always considered myself pretty self-sufficent but not anymore. People are really coming through with help, and prayers. Jeff also has a bad cold which has left him unable to help much. Tonight, I am just tired, a sort of numbness keeps me from feeling too bad. But I can keep going because I'm not having to do it alone and because of those prayers. Peace that surpasses understanding, it's here and I am grateful.

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