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Monday, April 18, 2011

Batter Up

First softball scrimmage tonight.  Tonight marked the only softball game I have ever played without either of my parents attending. The first of many. Now, let me clarify, the last game I played before this one was when I was about 11. Once I got there tonight I was fine. But my stomach did an entire tumbling routine in the car on the way over. I imagine I will be searching for the ibuprofen tomorrow but I had a lot more fun than I anticipated. It has been a long time since I've been on a team. I'm no Babe Ruth (I hate gambling) and no great shakes on the diamond but I got one solid hit and didn't fall down when attempting to play catcher. In that department, there is only room for improvement.

I'm thinking about some writing stuff again. I don't know if it is a desire to escape or just life trying to tap me on the shoulder to remind me there are other things I can do when I'm alone besides cry. I have several stories in the works that I need to finish or I might start on something new. One of the critiques I got on a story I wrote "Godstones" was that the protagonist didn't break enough when he found out his dream was never going to come true. I wonder if I can write that better now that I know what it feels like to be broken? Regardless, it is difficult to call myself a writer if I'm not writing so I'll be thinking of some goals on that soon. As far as things I'm grateful for today, I am so glad I didn't hurt anything at the game tonight. I'm grateful God has blessed me with a husband who didn't freak out tonight when I said, "I think I have a tick on my head." Worse, I did but he got some tweezers and dealt out some death to that bloodsucker. I'm also grateful that I have two sweet kids that asked how the game went first thing when I got home. I'm not feeling so grateful that a boy called Kelsey today and they talked on the phone for over an hour. She's only nine. However, I did think her big smile when talking about it was pretty cute. Now, if I can just take the next ten years or so I'll be doing all right.

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