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Friday, April 22, 2011

I dreamed about Mom again last night. In this dream we were all out next to a tennis court. She stood on the court with Dad and talking and laughing. Her hair was short and she was very tan. She looked very young. I ran up and hugged her and apologized for the people magazine thing. She laughed and waved it away saying, "don't worry about it." I can't remember what else I said but then she had to leave. I tried to chase her but she disappeared. In the dream, I threw myself down on the court until someone came and carried me off. Then I vowed I would become a great tennis player. But, I have to say my motivation for that is a bit less this morning.

Kelsey woke up this morning saying, "Is it time to start our Easter fun?" There is some pressure in being the activity directory for this family. What I'd really like to do is make the whole family help me clean but that doesn't say Easter fun to anyone. It doesn't say fun for me either but the afterward, when it's clean seems pretty good. I am feeling so trepidation about Easter. Our family isn't going to be together. We are going up to see Sharon's family but the majority of the Lange's are going to Calhoun except my nephew, his wife, and their baby. They have decided that my niece is too much of a bad influence to have her around their daughter. I hate their decision especially right now when we need to be together so badly but it is their's to make. I wonder if this means they will not be going to the beach with us either. If they won't make exceptions for holidays then I'm guessing vacations won't work either. I may not see my great niece again unless I stalk them down because they rarely just come over here. I let them know my feeling but it didn't change theirs. That is really all I can do. Well, I'm off for some "Easter fun."

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