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Sunday, April 24, 2011

He is Risen, Indeed.

My Easter Sunday began about 12 midnight when Kelsey came into my bedroom to find me reading and announced, "there are already eggs in the hall." At that time, I did what I consider a rather Oscar worthy performance at my shock that the Easter Bunny could come into the house and plant the Easter eggs while I was still awake without me even noticing. I'm not sure she bought it. Of course, she is ready to know except she keeps asking me when Christopher is around. I don't know if that is her way of assuring she gets to keep the fantasy or just bad timing.

This is the first Easter of my life that has not involved my parents. We always drove down from Knoxville either before or after church. This is also the first year I didn't get a chocolate bunny since Mom always got me one and no one else thought to. Of course, this is probably true for my sisters too unless their husbands thought of it. I know it didn't occur to Jeff. I don't need the chocolate but I do miss the devotion that came behind it.

After a fantastic Easter service at OBC, we drove up Lookout to spend Easter at Sharon's house. I love her home, it is like a retreat that people pay money to rent. It has the added bonus for me of having precious people already there. I can't imagine how I would be pushing through the loss of Mom and Dad without my sisters. I was also so glad to see Sharon's kids. A bonus I didn't expect came in the form of Gary (Cindy's eldest) and his wife and daughter. Cindy didn't come because her mother-in-law has decided she doesn't want to be part of the big family celebrations now that my Mom is gone. So I was so glad to have Langes there. I would have liked to have them all present. We talked a bit about our upcoming beach trip and little Lucy was adorable.

Tomorrow night, I plan to be in Knoxville and get to go to my writing group. I am so looking forward to that so no blog for that night. I hope everyone out there had a fantastic Easter and that each of you grew a little closer to our risen Savior.

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