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Sunday, April 17, 2011

family woes

Tonight, I had to chose to unfriend a family member on facebook because I didn't want to be part of the drama anymore. It is the first time I have done this and it felt odd. I think in part because Jeff's family has cut us off, I have always tried to be very accepting. But I don't think it benefits anyone to get involved in a pseudo power play and sometimes it is best just to remove yourself from the situation. I was worrying and complaining and out of nowhere Jeff started praying. It was the most wonderful thing he could have done for me. It took me from stress to crying but good tears ones that moved me beyond a place of feeling like I was helpless to one in which I know God cares and is able to help if people will only let him in.

On an upside for today, my family and I went to see Rio at the movies and it was great. We went to the theater in Cleveland. When were leaving, I noticed an old cemetery right across the road. We drove the small, branch strewn, one-lane, gravel road around the graveyard before we stopped. So many of the headstones were so worn that no names or dates could be seen. A few of them, that we could make out had birth dates in the 1700's. Sometimes it is easy to forget how old Tennessee is. It made me think about these people's stories. How many people loved them the way we loved Mom and Dad. It would have been a great set for a movie because there was this huge dead tree right in the middle with the naked branches standing out among the green leafy trees that grew around the cemetery. So, in the end we all live, we all die, and if we are lucky we are all loved and missed.

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