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Friday, April 1, 2011

Digging In

The play is done, my parents are gone, it is now time to confront the mess. And quite a disaster it is too. The downstairs can look allright, just like a normal home but the upstairs has stacks of papers, books, pictures, bins, and filing cabinets to go through. Part of me is reluctant to pursue this because it is an overwhelming task. The other piece of the procrastination is that it is difficult to go through my parents' papers. There are pictures in the filing cabinet and there is only a certain amount of time I can immerse myself in their stuff before I break. The problem is I don't know what that time limit is-somewhere between five minutes and two hours. I think really it depends on the day and what stuff I find.

The problem with getting anything done is that I have the normal stuff still to do. I'm not sure how some of these women do it. Clearly, they have so much more energy than I. I believe that it must have to do with a lack of organization but I've looked at the organizing stuff and I can't see how it is going to help. So bear with me through this process. I'm going to try to do one drawer tonight.

My grateful thoughts for this evening include breakfast with Tricia today, yummy parfait, and that Christopher made me laugh when he called dinner, "Stinky Bazana."

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