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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

running around

Much of this morning was spent searching through papers for the deed to family property in Calhoun, Ga. I did not find it. I looked up the number for the Gordon County clerks office but wasn't able to reach the person who does the real estate. So, I figured we needed to get into the safety deposit box. If, in fact, there actually was a safety deposit box, and if they would let us in. My oldest sister is in charge of everything right now which makes things a bit harder to divvy out. So she had to meet me at the bank but we only had one death certificate instead of both so she had to go get Dad's from Sharon's car since Sharon was teaching today. I tried to call the social security office randomly throughout the day and got continual "we're sorry all circuits are busy," messages. Then I had to go fax things to my stockbroker in Knoxville. I have a meeting there tomorrow. The upside is I will get to see my girl's night out crew. I hope also to forget about the disaster that is the upstairs for at least a day. We got an email about a friend of mine in my Knoxville church, Jennifer McDonald. She is not doing well with the brain tumor. They were trying to find a charitable organization that would fly her to Duke.

I sent an email to my trusty doctor friend Lou. She has got the connections. A friend of hers does flights with Angel Flight. I think they are going to be able to do it. Even with everything that has happened I know we are still all so blessed. I hate how much Jennifer's family is going through.

The kids and I met with the pastor today about their upcoming baptisms (and Jeff's). The preacher is going to make Jeff sit down so they don't all get drug under when he goes down. Kelsey and Christopher got to do a dry run (literally) with the preacher to prepare for the dunking on Sunday. Christopher was very animated today. He kept swinging his arms around when talking about God and Jesus. He balked at the white gown they want him to wear but the pastor helped him rename it a super God suit. Smart thinking on his part but I was afraid he would refuse to baptize Christopher since at one point, Christopher talked about Skelator from He-Man being like Jesus because he died and then came back with a mask over the burnt part of his face. I was quick to remind him that Jesus was real and Skelator was not but still I think it was dicey there.

I only care because I know Christopher would be disappointed. I have no huge investment in the actual dunking. Although, it is neat to think that my husband and kids will be baptized in the same baptismal I was. Kelsey gave Sunday School perfect answers to every question he threw at her. I couldn't have been prouder. If she believes half of what she said, she'll be all right. Christopher in the meantime was demonstrating with dancing fingers the people that knew God going to heaven and those that didn't going to hell and burning. He also talked quite a bit about God and the devil fighting. In fact, much of Christopher's conversations dealt with the devil getting "throwed down." But the pastor did not say 'get this kid out of here,' to my great relief. But then in the car, with a big grin on his face Christopher said, "What if I say no when the preacher asks me that stuff at the baptism?"

I swallowed hard and said, "If you think that's a possibility than we don't need to be doing this."
He quickly recanted as his desire for a dunking seems great. He did ask the pastor how long he would hold him under.

I am grateful for children that make me laugh, for being asked to play on the church's softball team and the opportunity that may give me, and for finally getting to go work out tonight with my hubby after what seems like two months.

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  1. Does the Baptist church not recognize the Methodist baptisms? Or did you guys ever do that?