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Friday, April 8, 2011

a friend's loss

I just got an email that a friend from my church in Knoxville, Sabra, lost her nephew to a car accident. Her son was close to his cousin. The family has to be in such shock. I think nothing could hit harder than losing someone who had so much more life to live. Then, I think of my own nephews and my heart rises to my throat. I have high expectations for each of them and eagerly wait to see what and who they will become. Sabra will not have that opportunity with this precious child and that makes me so sad.  Even though I ache with missing my parents, at least I know how they turned out, who they became, and that they were wonderful.

I know my friend Tricia lost her niece last year when she was only a baby (the niece, not Tricia). At that time, I remember thinking it is the loss of possibility. Not that you don't love and adore the little ones because that grief is there too. It is that there is the addition of how much they missed.

Each person's loss is different and how they cope is as individual as how they don't. Recently, I have felt so teary. I want to do this well. Right now, I'm not sure I am.

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