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Monday, April 11, 2011


This morning I went back to bed and slept until ten. During this rest, I got to dream about Mom. She stood in a driveway and I ran to her and hugged her. She felt so solid and so real. I told her again how much I love her. Then when I woke, it felt like I had just seen her again. My cousin emailed me about my grandfather today. She encouraged me to not worry about grandpa because he had been a Mason. I don't know that much about the masons. In one of the letters my mother wrote to my father when they were engaged, she said her father already had a seat ready for him at the Masonic lodge. I also know Dad never became a Mason for some reason. Mom always had some concerns about their symbolism but I don't know enough to talk about it intelligently. Either way, as I told her, I dreamed about my grandpa soon after he died. He came and told me he was just fine.

After I picked up the kids today, we went down to CCS and Sharon's husband coached Kelsey in the high jump. I was so proud of her for continuing to try. She doesn't always fall into things automatically. She tries hard though. I hope she does well on saturday. Christopher and I split the time between running around the track and him throwing himself on the high jump mat. I think I may have two track runners in my future. My parents would be proud and and I know I am.

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