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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Date Night

My beloved nephew came to babysit at our house tonight. Jeff and I ran out the door barely containing our glee. He'd said he didn't have to be home by any particular time (a fact I intended to check with my sister but never did) so we didn't get home until almost one in the morning. As Jeff said, in one night our nephew made almost enough for an x-box game.

We went first to Provino's. Jeff had never been there before and it reminds me of a restaurant we liked in Knoxville called Altruda's. It is so similar we even wondered if it is owned by the same people or some twisted spin off. Then we stepped next door to view the movie Sourcecode. It was more of a renter than a see in the theater in my opinion. There were way to many holes and things that didn't make sense in the explanations. I am glad movies like Inception and Avatar have brought out some budgets for sci-fi movies but I'm already seeing the quality slipping. Then, just because we could, after that movie we drove over to the three dollar movies and saw "Just go with it," and I will say unequivocally that I loved that movie. In many places it was laugh out loud funny and it also had some sweet and one funny/disturbing moment in which a man picks up a coconut with his behind. Jeff and I both agreed it was the better of the two films. So now it is late and the bed has been calling for the last couple of hours but this time I am picking up the phone. Whew, church is going to come early.

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