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Friday, April 15, 2011

fresh blood

Kelsey is going to compete in the Charger Challenge tomorrow in the high jump, softball throw, standing long-jump, and the 200 if it doesn't rain too much. I am excited for her. Then there is a benefit for one of my friend's mother's in Lookout Valley. I hope the weather cooperates.

Turns out I didn't need to send that email after all. Cindy talked to probate court this morning and they suggested we get a new lawyer. As she was telling me this, my call waiting beeped and it was my Sunday School teacher who happens to be a lawyer. His firm does do estate stuff. So, here we are several hours later and we have new attorneys. At least this time I feel like they will let us know what is going on.

One point of interest, when I contacted the stockbroker to let her know we had a new attorney. She suddenly became very helpful. Offering papers that she had previously not known where to get that sort of thing. Maybe it was all a coincidence but I have a hard time believing that. Why can't people just do what they are supposed to do without all the rigmarole. Speaking of which, I had better go do the dishes before my family sues me :).

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