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Monday, April 4, 2011

Whew, it's all good

The biggest upset of today was that the trust lawyer did not have any record of what my parents actually put in the trust. He did have a previous career as a CIA profiler and gave us our personality types but not what we wanted. We can't find any sort of list either. Things have been stuck in the strangest of places. So, we are guessing about it. I think we were united today by annoyance with the people we had hoped would help us. They were very nice but didn't seem to have much information and that is what we really need right now. It feels like this process will go on forever. As Christine alluded to in her comment from yesterday, the money stuff is certainly a blessing but it has its share of headaches too. I will be glad to get all this behind us. Today, I am grateful for harmony with my sisters, that Jeff doesn't have to work tonight, and the rain which I hope will wash away some of my allergins. I am tired of sneezing and an itchy nose.


  1. You know a nickname for the CIA? Clowns In Action. Seems to be the case here :)

  2. Although, he did seem to know about tax issues in relation to the trust which is pretty important.